Minecraft blocky selfie

Minecraft Blocky Selfies

Minecraft Blocky Selfies

We recently came across an interesting article, from Warwickshire Raspberry Jam, about how to create blocky selfies in Minecraft. The original article is no longer available, however, there is an excellent article about creating Minecraft selfies at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website.

We loved the idea, and thought it would be really good if we could actually save copies of the blocky selfies; so we hacked the code, and this is what we came up with.

The Minecraft blocky selfie booth requires a Raspberry Pi running Minecraft Pi, and a Raspberry Pi camera. If you are currently running the latest versions of NOOBS, or Raspbian Jessie you will find that Minecraft Pi is already installed for you. If you don’t already have Minecraft Pi installed, the instructions for installing it can be found at the following link:


Minecraft Pi comes with an API (Application Program Interface) for Python; which basically means that you can write Python programs that can control what happens in your Minecraft world; how cool is that!?

As already mentioned, we have used the original program and hacked it a little in order to allow us to actually save a copy of your blocky selfie, so you can use it as a profile picture. You could even take some blocky selfies of your pets. Our hacked version of the code can be found at: