With the micro:bit finally making its way into our schools and nearly into the hands of young makers around the United Kingdom, we are now starting to see a few teething problems from educators.

micro:kit – A low cost breadboarding solution

Using Broadcom WiFi Adaptor as USB Hub
Having been lucky enough to get a Pi Zero when they were first released on the cover of the MagPi magazine, we’ve had plenty of time to try out a number of different things on it. During that time, one of the things that we’ve always had to consider is the […]

Raspberry Pi Zero Networking Solutions

BBC Microbit Wall
We’ve been trying to get our hands on a BBC Microbit for quite some time now; especially after seeing a whole wall of them at the recent BETT Show in London a couple of weeks back. Anyway, our good friends at Kitronik recently sent us a bundle of BBC Microbit […]

BBC Microbit

PaPiRus ePaper HAT 1
We’ve been having a bit of a play with the new PaPiRus ePaper HATs from Pi Supply. These are basically small displays (they come in different sizes; 1.44″, 2.0″ and 2.7″) which use ePaper technology, and sit on the Raspberry Pi GPIO header. The great advantage of the ePaper (aka […]

PaPiRus ePaper Hat

Improved First Layer 3
A while ago, we received a new model of 3D printer, called the Makeblock mElephant. The moment we saw it, we were really impressed with the look and quality of the build of the printer. We were keen to see if the quality of the printed items matched the build quality […]

3D Printing

Blocky selfie printer
The Pipsta printer is a small thermal printer that allows you to print such things as labels, tickets, bar codes and QR codes directly from a Raspberry Pi. We’ve recently had the chance to build one up and try it out to see what it can do.

Pipsta Printer for Raspberry Pi

Sense Hat Git Repository
This Tuesday (15th December 2015), British Astronaut Tim Peake is due to head off into space for a 6 month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Part of his mission will be to carry out some experiments using a couple of specially augmented Raspberry Pi computers (known as Astro Pis) that […]

Astro Pi

We’ve recently received a new product from MonksMakes (http://www.monkmakes.com/) called a Raspberry Squid. These are RGB LEDs which have built in current limiting resistors, and header sockets that will fit straight onto the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi. There’s also a push button which, like the LED, has a […]

Raspberry Squids

We recently had a query from a customer who was having trouble setting up his Raspberry Pi with NOOBS. While investigating this issue, it occurred to us that there were a number of common pitfalls which can catch out the unwary; including, sometimes,  ourselves. So, here are a number of things to […]

Getting started with NOOBS on the Raspberry Pi

Select Arduino Board
Yesterday I was presented with a pretty little Gecko board, from 4tronix:- http://4tronix.co.uk/gecko/ This is a codeable, wearable computer which is fully compatible with the Arduino Uno programming environment; so, naturally, the first thing I wanted to find out was how easy it is to use.

4tronix Gecko