Some Projects That We Love There are any number of great project that numerous brilliantly clever makers have come up with; in fact there are way too many to even start to describe in a short blog post like this. So, we have put our heads together to come up with […]

Projects We Love

Crane and Remote Control
micro:bit Controlled Crane We recently spent a weekend in Cambridge for the Raspberry Pi 5th birthday party, and one of the things that we took along with us was our Makerspace CPC Raspberry Pi controlled crane. This proved to be a massive hit with our fellow Pi party attendees. Because our crane […]

micro:bit Crane

Reaction Game Tables For our recent visit to the Raspberry Pi 5th birthday party we wanted to take along a few fun demonstration items to help show off the incredible versatility of the amazing Raspberry Pi. One of the items we took along was our Raspberry Pi controlled Makerspace CPC crane which […]

Makerspace Reaction Game Tables

Crane at Pi Party
Raspberry Pi Controlled Crane We’ve been working on a few fun projects recently. One of our favourites is our Makerspace CPC crane, which we’ve adapted to be controlled by a Raspberry Pi and Astro Pi. This proved to be a big hit at the recent Raspberry Pi 5th birthday party. The […]

Raspberry Pi Controlled Crane

Raspberry Pi 3 and Allo Boards
The Allo Sparky SBC The Allo Sparky SBC is a quad core single board computer, with similarities to the Raspberry Pi. We recently received a package containing a Sparky board and a number of other Allo boards which complement the Sparky. The boards we received were:- Allo Sparky – Quad core SBC […]

Allo Sparky – and his magic Piano 2.1 HiFi DAC

JustBoom Audio Cards We’ve recently taken delivery of some excellent new digital audio HATs and accessories for the Raspberry Pi from JustBoom. So, when I was challenged to make use of some of these items to come up with a media streaming solution for our office, I was more than […]

Streaming Media with JustBoom Audio HATs

Sections 2 and 3
Dusting off the 3D Printer Every so often, we feel the need to do a bit of 3D printing. If we needed an excuse this time, it’s because we had just received a new batch of tape which we wanted to try out. On top of that, we’re currently in the […]

Even More Adventures in 3D Printing

Controlling an LED
Some time ago, we had a look at the Udoo Neo (see At the time, the only operating system available for the Neo was the Udoo version of Ubuntu (called UDOObuntu). However, since then, the makers of the Udoo Neo have released a build of Android Marshmallow. Although this […]

Udoo Neo – Android Now Available

We’re always on the lookout for neat solutions to everyday maker type problems. One of the problems that makers often run up against is how to supply power to a board that needs to be sited in a location away from power sockets; for example a weather station or wildlife camera. […]

Pi PoE Switch HAT

SmartiPi Touch With Pipsta Printer
The SmartiPi Touch is a stand for the official Raspberry Pi 7″ touch screen. As well as being a really neat and tidy solution for a desk mounted Raspberry Pi and touch screen, it is also wall mountable, has a mount for the Raspberry Pi camera board, and […]

SmartiPi Touch stand for Raspberry Pi 7″ touch screen